DIY Grub Screw Wire Rope Jaw Terminals

A4 - AISI 316 stainless steel DIY adjustable jaw terminals

These fittings suit balustrade, rigging and many other applications, they come with a polished finish and a removable clevis pin 

This fitting can be used with 3mm and 4mm diameter steel wire ropes, easily attach to steel wire rope by simply tightening down the grub screws, they offer approx 30mm of tensioning as you can screw out the jaw and use the locking nuts to secure in place 

Left handed and right handed versions available 

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3-4mm Stainless DIY Jaw Terminal - Right Handed Thread 116 - 140mm 12 M6 RH 3-4
£7.19 £5.99
3-4mm Stainless DIY Jaw Terminal - Left Handed Thread 116 - 140mm 12 M6 LH 3-4
£7.19 £5.99
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These stainless steel terminals are very popular due to how easy they are to attach to 3mm or 4mm diameter steel wire rope, simply tighten down the grub screws onto the wire to make a secure connection - no specialists wire rope swage tools needed.

There is an inspection hole in the body of the terminal, this is perfect as you can see if the wire rope is kept securely in place.


Left handed and right handed versions are available to use at opposite ends of your wire run so they can be screwed in and out at the same time.


This fitting is perfect for guard rails or small balustrade jobs, the threaded jaw terminal can be screwed out approx 30mm so this fitting can also act as a tensioner to keep your wire taut






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