Stainless Steel Crown Stock Anchors

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3.5kg Stainless Steel Crown Stock Anchor 585 400 270
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5kg Stainless Steel Crown Stock Anchor 590 320 285
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7kg Stainless Steel Crown Stock Anchor 660 450 315
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Questions and Answers

Q: When is it best to use a crown stock anchor?

Crown stock boat anchors are the top choice for most recreational boats with overall lengths of 10 meters or less. Crown anchors provide sufficient holding power considering their small size

Q: How do crown stock anchors work?

By design, they fold flat and are easy to stow in storage compartments. The anchor arm, or stock, buries itself after the pointed flukes dig into the bottom. For those reasons, fluke anchors are best in hard sand and mud. The flukes can’t penetrate rocky bottoms and are not recommended for slick, grassy bottoms. Loose mud or clay can foul the flukes and prevent bottom penetration

Q: Are crown stock anchors known by any other name?

The crown stock anchor is commonly also named a danforth anchor or fluke anchor

Q: Do you keep these anchors in stock?

Yes, we have large UK stocks, order today and delivery will be 2 working days approx


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