Stainless Steel Wire Trellis Kits

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1 Meter x 1 Meter Kit 9 10 Meters 12
£47.99 £39.99
2 Meter x 1 Meter Kit 15 15 Meters 16
£77.99 £64.99
2 Meter x 2 Meter Kit 25 25 Meters 20
£142.79 £118.99
3 Meter x 1 Meter Kit 21 20 Meters 20
£106.79 £88.99
3 Meter x 2 Meter Kit 35 40 Meters 24
£191.99 £159.99
3 Meter x 3 Meter Kit 49 60 Meters 28
£269.99 £224.99
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Top Trellis Tips:

  • Our stainless trellis kits come with a little bit of extra stainless steel wire rope, eg. a 1 meter x 1 meter kit only requires 6 meters of wire rope but we supply 10 meters, this offers freedom for custom spacings
  • A wire rope cutter is supplied with our kits, this gives you the full flexibility to measure and cut to size
  • Always slightly oversize each cable run then trim them down once fitted
  • Our wire trellis grid sizes are a guidance only, you can adapt the wire grid to suit and add more components if needed 
  • Pre-plan the layout and use chalk or a chalkline to mark out prior to fixing
  • Keep a close eye on the brickwork, the spacings do not need to be exact
  • Make sure your wall fixings are secure, The wall plugs supplied are for an 8mm lag thread
  • Use the PVC wire rope end caps to cover the cut sharp ends of wire rope
  • Tools required - Drill, Allen Key, Tape Measure, Chalk


Which plants are best for wire trellis systems?

  • Honey Suckle Arch – Fragrance of honeysuckle, particularly heady at dusk
  • Lilac Solanum – Fast growing, evergreen in mild areas
  • Clematis – Perfect to twine around the stainless steel wire rope and offer a blanket of colour
  • Wisteria – Elegant but vigorous, amazing bright colours
  • Climbing Hydrangea – Shade tolerant
  • Abutilon ‘kentish belle’ – Slender stems carry clusters of creamy orange – apricot flowers in a rich calyx
  • Climbing Roses - Vigourous upright growth offers colour and warmth to any trellis wall


Above is an example of a 2 meter x 2 meter kit used to install a diamond shaped trellis system


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