Testing facilities

Wire Rope Shop offer various tensile testing procedures for our custom made steel wire rope fabrications, lifting gear or any item you require with our new in-house 20ton vertical test bed. With in-house testing facilities we can be confident in the quality and strength of our products and pass this on to our customers

Wire Rope Shop can now offer the below tests

Breaking Load / Destruction Test - used to determine the Minimum Breaking Load (MBL), this test is most commonly carried out for our custom steel wire rope fabrications - often our customers want us to make an extra fabrication and test it to breaking point for full clarity and to outline there custom made products performance, we can test upto a maximum of 20tons.

Proof Load Test - a test usually carried out to two times the Working Load Limit (WLL) for a period of time - usually two minutes, this type of test is usually carried out with new or used lifting equipment before going into service 


Our test services give you a record of test certificate and help you put your goods into service with confidence, to arrange a test please email your enquiry to us at sales@wireropeshop.co.uk


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