Stainless Steel Left Handed and Right Handed Dual Threaded Stud

A4-AISI 316 stainless steel dual threaded stud LH RH avaiable in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm diameters

This dual directional threaded stud has both left handed and right handed studs at opposite ends, ideal for rigging and balustrading where you need to reverse the handed threads from left handed to right handed or visa-versa

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Product A (mm) A1 (mm) A2 (mm) GW PRICE Qty
M6 Left & Right Handed Stud 65 30 30 M6
£1.19 £0.99
M8 Left & Right Handed Stud 65 30 30 M8
£1.79 £1.49
M10 Left & Right Handed Stud 85 40 40 M10
£2.39 £1.99
M12 Left & Right Handed Stud 105 50 50 M12
£4.55 £3.79
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