Steel Wire Rope Hydraulic Crimping and Swage Tool YQK-300

This budget wire rope crimping and swage tool with hydraulically crimp wire rope fittings ranging from 3mm to 10mm in diameter.

It comes with a hard case for ease of transportation and protection, and includes 11 different dies to suit each diameter of steel wire rope fittings. We also provide a handy guide to assist in choosing the right die for the project you are attempting. A reliable and professional tool, we recommend it's use in applications such as balustrading, gym equipment manufacture, fencing, landscaping and many more DIY projects in a similar vein.

This tool swages a wide range of sizes and constructions of steel wire rope, as well as 3mm - 10mm aluminium, copper or stainless steel ferrules and both aluminium and copper end stops.

It is also applicable when swaging 4mm, 5mm and 6mm stainless steel terminal fittings.

Please note: This tool is not suitable for swaging 3mm swage fittings or 4mm stainless steel dome terminals as the body is too narrow. The colouring of the box and tool may vary slightly.

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Steel Wire Rope Hydraulic Crimping and Swage Tool 300 500mm 3.80 100KN 22mm
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