Zinc Plated Duplex Steel Wire Rope Grips

BZP duplex grips are suitable for use with flexible 7x19 construction steel wire rope strands only. They are notoriously tight to fit and therefore we strongly advise against using these with 1x19 or 7x7 construction steel wire rope.

With no specialist tools required, remove the nuts and plate to fit the wire and then reassemble and tighten.

Estimated failure is 80% of the steel wire rope breaking load. Do not use for lifting.

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Product L2 (mm) B1 (mm) B2 (mm) H1 (mm) H2 (mm) Suit Wire Diameter (mm) PRICE Qty
2mm Duplex Rope Grip 30 4 12 5 14 2
£0.19 £0.16
3mm Duplex Rope Grip 35 6 14 7 14 3
£0.23 £0.19
4mm Duplex Rope Grip 40 8 18 7 18 4
£0.24 £0.20
5mm Duplex Rope Grip 50 10 20 8 18 5
£0.24 £0.20
6mm Duplex Rope Grip 60 12 24 9 23 6
£0.38 £0.32
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Questions and Answers

Q: Why do you recommend only using this duplex rope grip with 7x19 strand steel wire ropes?

You need flexible wire to be able to pass the wire through the duplex grip. the stiffer 7x7 and 1x19 will not pass through. Use 7x19 flexible strand only with these grips 

Q: Can these wire rope grips be used for lifting purposes?

No, we do not recommend using the duplex grip for lifting or safety critical applications 

Q: Do i use a 3mm simplex grip with 3mm diameter wire ropes?

Yes, that is correct


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